Chicopee MA Shooting : Incident Analysis
Posted on: October 19, 2018, by : wpadmin

July 16th 2016 in Chicopee MA, a 15 yr outdated boy was shot lifeless by a house owner who was subsequently arrested and charged with homicide after the home-owner fired a single spherical at who he thought was an individual making an attempt to interrupt in to his dwelling.

The police acquired this one proper.

It appears counter-intuitive…

Somebody who you fairly consider is seemingly making an attempt to interrupt in to your house at which period you arm your self, problem the topic, after which fearing on your life and security fireplace a shot on the topic.

The issue is… these information merely don’t add up on this case.

Hear up of us… these items is necessary for those who personal a firearm for self-defense or dwelling protection.


Interval. Now go learn that once more.


It’s a widespread legislation institution that your house is your fortress, and you’ve got a proper to defend it. Now we have lined this subject earlier than and you may learn extra about it right here in a earlier publish we made on it.

There are limitations to that truth although that you might want to concern your self with.

In the beginning, it’s a generally accepted fantasy Extreme Tactical Dynamics right here on the web that you’ve a obligation to retreat when somebody is in your house unlawfully in Massachusetts. That is false.

Inside the house you wouldn’t have an obligation to retreat. Outdoors the house you might want to exhaust all affordable means earlier than resorting to lethal drive.

Listed below are some key factors as delineated in MA Common Regulation Chapter 278, Part eight(a):

Within the prosecution of an individual who’s an occupant of a dwelling charged with killing or injuring one who was unlawfully in stated dwelling, it shall be a protection that the occupant was in his dwelling on the time of the offense and that he acted within the affordable perception that the particular person unlawfully in stated dwelling was about to inflict nice bodily damage or dying upon stated occupant or upon one other particular person lawfully in stated dwelling, and that stated occupant used affordable means to defend himself or such different particular person lawfully in stated dwelling. There shall be no obligation on stated occupant to retreat from such particular person unlawfully in stated dwelling

It’s fairly straight ahead of us. There are components that have to be fulfilled previous to lethal drive being approved.


  1. REASONABLE BELIEF: It must be affordable… not simply to you however typically, an affordable particular person. (THINK JURY)
  2. IN SAID DWELLING: Yep. They really need to be IN the residence.
  3. ABOUT TO INFLICT GREAT BODILY INJURY OR DEATH: Yep. They need to be about to harm you actually badly or probably kill you.

With out these components being current, any use of deadly drive could be a no go. Equivalent to on this case.


The information of the case are as follows:

  • Boy is at a good friend’s home consuming alcoholic drinks.
  • Boy and good friend depart and try to go to a different good friend’s home.
  • Boy goes as much as what he thinks is his good friend’s home
  • Boy begins banging on the door, inflicting spouse of home-owner to yell out to husband stating “Somebody is making an attempt to interrupt in”
  • Husband wakes up and retrieves his Smith and Wesson
  • Husband verbally challenges boy by means of the door
  • Boy retains banging on door to the purpose the place a pane of glass falls out in to the house
  • Husband fires a single shot by means of the door which strikes the boy, in the end killing him.

It may be scary when an unknown particular person is banging on the door in an obvious try to get inside… however that doesn’t excuse the actions of the home-owner.

At no time did the sufferer enter the house.

At not time would an affordable particular person conclude that the boy had the power OR the intent to trigger critical bodily damage or dying.

Of probably the most attention-grabbing was this one:


The dialog devolved considerably and has since been faraway from the publish. Right here is the hyperlink to the publish. I’ve redacted the follower’s identify as a courtesy and to stop any flaming.

The underside line is that this follower is subscribing to a mentality that can lead to improper use of drive culminating within the home-owner ending up in jail.

Simply. Like. In. This. Incident. 

In the event you subscribe to the above commenter’s standpoint… you’re a part of the issue. Bravado laden statements like this solely serve to color our group as what the anti-gunners need to see us as: bloodthirsty redneck ammosexuals.

Don’t give them the satisfaction and be a thinker earlier than a shooter.


Merely stating that you just didn’t perceive the principles of engagement is not going to make it easier to. Telling the cops “he was in my home so I shot him” with out having the ability to fulfill the weather specified by c.278 s.eight(a) will finish you up in jail.

It’s crucial that you just perceive the legislation. You MUST know that data.

So it’s your alternative…

Are you an asset to the gun group or a legal responsibility? Give your self a very good laborious look within the mirror and be sensible… do you totally perceive the legislation? Might you fairly articulate why you took motion?

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