Basketball Ball Handling Drills
Posted on: March 12, 2019, by : wpadmin
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Each day work on ball dealing with abilities is a key element to our basketball camps in Rocklin, CA. Ball dealing with is the best method to work in your recreation and change into an incredible all-around participant as all you want is a ball and a flat floor.

Simply as in all areas of basketball, the muse of engaged on ball dealing with is to ensure you are balanced and in an athletic place. Dribbling the ball in a balanced place, ensure that your knees are bent and your chest is up; this lets you look ahead and see the ground. Keep away from trying down whilst you dribble as that takes away out of your courtroom imaginative and prescient. Lastly, use your fingertips to dribble the ball and unfold your fingers out, because it helps cowl the ball and provide you with extra management of your dribble. Solely utilizing your arms (don’t use your whole physique), dribble the ball as fast and arduous as you possibly can with out worrying about making errors. When you lose your ball, no large deal, simply retrieve it and begin from the place you left off.

Bear in mind, observe makes good, and you may solely make good by practising exterior your consolation zone!

With that being stated, here’s a strong warm-up and four ball dealing with drills we observe at our Nike Boys best basketball shoes for ankle support Camp at William Jessup College:


  • Ball Slaps – slap ball as arduous as you possibly can with one hand as the opposite hand holds the ball. Rotate hand on each slap.
  • Finger Ideas – Prolong arms out and push ball backwards and forwards along with your fingertips. As soon as you’re feeling comfy with the ball prolonged out in entrance of you, transfer the ball excessive above head and low in entrance of your ankles working the ball in the identical means.
  • Wraps – Wrap ball round your head, then round your waist, and eventually round your ankles. Do every one separate, after which do all three collectively as one rep.
  • Determine eight – Wrap ball round legs entering into entrance in between your legs first then wrapping behind one knee. Then convey ball again in entrance in between legs then behind different knee. Proceed that movement steady.


  • Pound Dribble (1 Ball) – Dribble the ball as arduous as you possibly can with one hand, not permitting the ball to go increased than simply above your knees. After 30-45 seconds, rotate fingers.
  • 2 Ball Dribbling – Much like the one hand pound apart from you are actually dribbling with each fingers at one time. You are able to do 2 ball rhythm and a pair of ball alternating for 30-45 second every.
  • Single Leg Dribbling (1 Ball) – Dribble the ball with the Proper hand making circles round your Proper leg, the alternate doing the identical with the Left hand and leg.
  • Determine eight Dribble (1 Ball) – Similar as Determine eight in warm-up, however now we’re dribbling the ball as a substitute of wrapping it.