Acrylic vs Glass – What Is The Best Case for Your Sports Memorabilia?
Posted on: March 13, 2019, by : wpadmin
Acrylic vs Glass – What Is The Best Case for Your Sports Memorabilia?

Some of the frequent questions our group at sports memorabilia Shows

Acrylic Circumstances



  1. Weight – Acrylic weighs 50% lower than glass. This may make an enormous distinction with bigger instances that you simply need to placed on a floating shelf or hold on the wall to keep away from them probably falling in the event that they aren’t correctly supported. That is particularly vital with bigger case like jersey show instances, baseball bat show instances or soccer helmet show instances.
  2. Affect Resistant – Acrylic is many instances stronger than glass and breaks into giant items with blunt edges when it shatters, which will be an vital security consideration.
  3. Insulation – Acrylic insulates higher than glass, inflicting the within of the contents to be much less inclined to altering temperatures. This is usually a consider your resolution you probably have any objects which are delicate to excessive warmth or cool temperatures.
  4. Glare – Acrylic has a softer mild reflection. If in case you have spotlights aimed instantly at your instances, you’ll want to go acrylic to keep away from an excessive amount of mild reflecting and never with the ability to see your nice collectibles. It’s extra of a desire on glare on what you like. See backside of web page for instance.
  5. Fade-Resistant – Acrylic is extra fade-resistant than different plastics; the sunshine transmittance is the same as glass whereas offering the identical aesthetic look for a dependable, long-term product you’ll be able to preserve in your shelf for years. You don’t have to fret about acrylic turning foggy or dingy.




  1. Can Scratch Simply – The acrylic utilized in memorabilia instances can scratch simply. The excellent news is there are cheap acrylic polishes that can get your case again to new, such like this Novus Plastic Polish Package. Most individuals put their show case up on a shelf and don’t contact or deal with it fairly often, so scratches aren’t essentially a priority
  2. May be Tougher to Clear – Acrylic is extra inclined to getting stains from any grease or oils and wishes slightly extra TLC than glass. With acrylic, keep away from utilizing paper towels as a result of they might trigger small scratches. Additionally keep away from ammonia-based merchandise, like Windex or different dwelling glass cleaners, as a result of they include dangerous chemical substances which will harm the floor and may depart it wanting cloudy. For mud or grime, it is suggested to blot the acrylic case with a moist microfiber material, delicate cleaning soap and heat water or an acrylic cleaner.


Glass Circumstances



  1. Scratch Resistant – Glass is tougher to scratch and extra acrylic sheets will be added with a scratch-resistant coating (hardcoating) which offers much more safety. Nevertheless, scratches in glass can’t be changed for mounted.
  2. Cleans Simply— Glass instances will be cleaned and dusted with glass cleaner similar to Windex and a paper towel or microfiber material, with no fear of scratching or damaging it.
  3. Excessive-High quality Look— Glass can provide a museum-type look which can be preferable, particularly if you’re showcasing a really high-value merchandise.




  1. Costlier – Molding, extrusion and delivery of glass objects are costlier.
  2. Scratches Completely– Whereas glass is tougher to scratch, for those who do scratch it, there isn’t any solution to repair as you’ll be able to with acrylic. The one possibility is to interchange it.
  3. Glare – Glass will mirror extra mild again than acrylic. So if you’re planning on having lights arrange instantly on the instances, count on to see extra mild shine again at you. See beneath for instance.

will get is whether or not we advocate acrylic or glass instances. This isn’t a straightforward reply as there are professionals and cons to every sort of case.

I’ll define the benefits of each so you may make your personal resolution, nevertheless it’s actually going to come back right down to funds and private desire.

Glass instances are on common 10%-15% costlier than acrylic as a result of the glass instances we stock are made within the USA and glass prices extra to ship. Glass can even be a higher-quality search for your workplace or man cave.

Some folks favor acrylic as a result of there’s a very refined mild reflection, whereas glass displays 100% mild. Acrylic instances weigh 50% much less and received’t shatter for those who drop it. Whereas acrylic is extra susceptible to scratches, there are answers to restore it, not like glass.

At Memorabilia Shows, the vast majority of our instances are acrylic. Search for the UV Protection image to see which acrylic and glass instances have a particular UV safety additive. All glass instances are assured by the producer.